🀞Yearly raffle

The Globees annual raffle offers the ultimate investor initiative. Each property owned by Globees is subject to a 52-week breakdown within the ecosystem model. The distribution of the 52 annual weeks is as follows:

β€’ 30 weeks intended for rental in FIAT through the various rental platforms

β€’ 11 weeks intended for rental on our platform payable in cryptocurrency

β€’ 11 weeks intended for the Globees community Raffle, at a rate of 25% per level of the DAO

The final point will need some additional clarification. As mentioned, 11 weeks in a 52-week cycle will be available at a rate of 25% per DAO level. This equates to an increasing raffle ticket draw success, 3x greater than that of the prior tier. To put this into perspective, the higher the NFT tier owned, the higher the chance of winning rental weeks within your tier will be. Important note, this will be directly proportionate to your tier and also the amount sold within that tier.

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