The Globees solution

GLOBEES ecological commitments
  • To invest in renewable and solar energy sources and the optimization of green spaces for all of its properties.
  • To make ecological choices, respecting the strictest standards of the construction and property management organizations chosen.
  • To ensure the ecological benefits of carbon reducing appliances with particular focus on air conditioning units for homes, heating and reclaimed materials.
  • To ensure the maximum improvement of energy performance and reduce waste and unnecessary consumption at all of its properties.
  • To ensure that the adaptation of all property is suitable to the climatic conditions of the region.
  • To preserve its green spaces from all harmful products, in full regard of ecological and human existence.
  • To prioritize green spaces, promoting a principle of beauty and well-being in all its residences.
  • To respect the ecological transition by adapting its actions to carbon neutrality.
  • To act in accordance with the RE2020 regulatory guidance, which states that the redevelopment of buildings is a major lever of transition, as it represents a quarter of national greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To respect the principles of the surrounding ecosystem and to promote sustainable interactions in all of its achievements.
  • To respect the first principle of ecology, by ensuring that each living being is in continuous synergy with everything that constitutes its environment.