Globers & Beesers will be at the very core of the GLOBEES ecosystem. We have provided a breakdown of the number of votes for each NFT tier.
Those who stake their NFT(s) will earn passive income. The rewards will be distributed among the 4 levels of the DAO at a rate of 25% per level. Each higher level will have a third (1/3) as many seats and will earn three times as many rewards as the previous level.
The total voting power will be divided among the 4 NFT levels, and each level will be allocated 25% of the voting power. As an example, all Queen Bee NFTs combined, will have the same voting power as all Forager Bee NFTs combined. Since the Queen Bee NFT is 27 times rarer than the Forager Bee NFT, the voting power of the Queen Bee NFT will be 27 times greater than that of a Forager Bee NFT.
For our long-term investors to benefit, the limited seats of the DAO (according to the tier of the NFT held) will allow investors to participate in some of the important voting processes. Below are some speculative DAO voting scenarios:
• Reducing the supply of remaining tokens (token burning)
• Increasing rewards
• Choice of designs and property furnishings
The list is not exhaustive and more options will be available when the timing and environment is ready.