❓What Is Globees?

Globees aims to develop the 1st platform to provide ecologically responsible and sustainable vacation rentals built exclusively on MultiversX.

What is the problem identified and what will we do to solve this?

Globees is the first token with real utility in the seasonal rental property ecosystem and will be the first to commit fully to an actual transition to renewable energy.

New technologies are featuring more in our daily lives. They are being integrated into existing industries, modifying how they function and how they operate. Web3 is one of these technologies and one of the principal components in how Globees plans to solve the crowded supply chains that often stand in the way of consumers, usually at the detriment of their wallet and the resulting value they receive.

We are entering into a new and inclusive global economy, all of which will be powered by Web3 innovation. Now, we hear the phrase β€œWeb3” banded around all the time, but what does it mean and how is innovative?

One word - Ownership

Web3 allows the user to not only read, write and interact with the internet, it allows users to do so by leveraging the newly tokenised world that we live in today. A tokenised Web3 economy will allow users to control how they make transactions and how they share their data. This cuts out the middleman and this is how Globees will operate to feed value continuously back to our community of Beesers and Globers. This is the current dilemma users of other platforms face in current markets, Globees plans to rewrite the book and create the benchmark model others will wish they created.

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