🎴The NFTs

There are 4 levels of NFT. Each level as you move down the list from 1-4 has:

β€’ 3 times more rewards per NFT than the lower tier before it

β€’ 3 times fewer seats than the lower tier before, due to availability of seats.

This creates a rarity-based system unlike any other within the Elrond ecosystem. In addition to this, our tokens are non-fungible and not semi-fungible, meaning that all NFTs will have a ranking system within their own tier. All with visual and attributable characteristics, which will define your NFT from that of another holder. This opens up a new realm of scarcity, which will benefit those who wish to trade their NFTs, while also retaining the tiered status and benefits that each NFT tier will hold.

  • All NFTs of the same level will require the same amount of $BEE tokens for them to be minted, they will also receive the same level of rewards and exclusive discounts.

  • The real difference will be seen on the secondary market where your NFT will have, depending on its rarity, more value generated by its rank.

  • Example: You mint a Warrior Bee NFT with your 180,000 $BEE token. Randomly, you mint a rank 5 NFT Warrior Bee from a supply of 1667.

  • Even though your NFT has the same characteristics as all the other Warriors Bee NFTs, on the secondary market and due to its rarity (attribute rarity), it will trade for more than a 1337 rank Warrior Bee NFT.

  • NFTs will be minted by Beesers using the $BEE tokens they have purchased, or with staking rewards, until the maximum supply of NFTs is reached. Secondary markets will allow owners of NFTs to resell them. The max supply of NFTs will be 22,222.

  • Sales on the secondary market will be subject to a 10% royalty.

  • Those who stake their NFT(s) will earn passive income. The rewards will be distributed among the 4 levels of the DAO at a rate of 25% per level. Each higher level will have a third (1/3) as many seats and will earn three times as many rewards as the previous level.

NFT tiers, token amount and rental discounts

From our most exclusive NFT, the Queen Bee to the Forager, the graphic above details the token price necessary for an investor to mint the respective NFT, the total number in the collection per tier and the rental discount that is granted to its holder.

Utility builds as your NFT(s) create the staking rewards to provide you with a passive income that is central to the Globees reward strategy.

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