$BEE Token

The total token supply is set at 625 million tokens
The $BEE token is much more than a simple token, it represents the foundation of the Globees project. Its primary utility will be to mint utility based, value adding NFTs. Initially, the only way to mint an NFT will be to use $BEE tokens, that have been purchased through Seed, Private or Public sales. This process will give early Beesers an advantage that will provide them with privileged access to a high return system (known as the Regular / Boosted rewards system). A more comprehensive breakdown of this system will be provided closer to the time of activation.
· Token Identifier: BEE-cb37b6
· Supply / Circulating supply: 625,000,000 (625 million)
$BEE token information
Elrond Explorer provides an overview of the $BEE token, supply / circulating supply and its properties. The details of the $BEE token properties may vary upon launch, this visual is to provide an initial token validation on the network and any changes will be presented with full transparency.