The Globees Marketplace

The Globees Marketplace will be integrated into the Globees platform and will provide both Globees NFT holders, and those holding a minimum amount of $BEE tokens (TBA) access to the platform via the Maiar wallet connect to become brokers of vacation rental weeks.
As per our Whitepaper and our GitBook docs site, 11 rental weeks out of 52 will be made available to book using $BEE, $LKBEE and other cryptocurrencies for properties owned by Globees. In addition to this, Globees rentally arbitraged properties will have 22 weeks out of 52 that will be available to book using $BEE, $LKBEE and other cryptocurrencies.
NFT discounts will be applied during any transactions and will be linked to the highest value Globees NFT that you own.
There will be a minimum staking period for Globees NFTs so that users can obtain the discounts linked to their highest tiered NFT. This will reduce the risk of users selling vacation rentals at a reduced rate of up to 40% on secondary markets.
The Globees Marketplace, will allow those who have access to become vacation rental brokers. Your vacations can be booked here with the user receiving an NFT that represents the property and the week that has been booked.
These NFTs can also be traded through the Globees Marketplace. An example of this would be, if you find a property to rent in Monaco during the week of the Grand Prix, you can purchase this NFT for yourself to book this property for the week. The other scenario is that you have identified this week in Monaco as something that you might be able to sell at a profit due to the demand in the area at this time.
Please Note: Speculative trading of vacation NFTs through the Globees Marketplace is not recommended or advised in the event that you are unable to resell the NFT. Our recommendation is that no speculative trading takes place unless you have done your own research and are fully accountable and acceptant of a potential loss.
Last modified 4mo ago