As our first step, GLOBEES will organize a Seed Sale which will represent a maximum of 20% of the total token supply, with a cliff plan of 6 month and 2 years of vesting (12,5% unlocked quarterly).

The Globees Private Sale will comprise of 3 separate rounds. (Seed, Private Sale 1 and Private Sale 2)

There will be a maximum of 150 investors for each sale stage and KYC/KYB will be a mandatory requirement. The price during the different stages will be determined before the sale in $EGLD. The price will be between €0.015 to €0.05 during the different stages of the private sale. The prices of the investment packs will be revealed prior to the round starting, with ample opportunity to unstake funds if necessary.
The goal is then to offer a maximum of 5% of the supply during a unique public sale event or Launchpad. In order to strengthen and perpetuate the $BEE/$EGLD pairing, it is planned to integrate 8% of the total token supply for DEX liquidity to the exchange platform (combined with its equivalent in $EGLD). The allocation reserved for the team / advisors / partners, is intended to last for several years.
The goal is to build a team for the long-term and mitigate the risks of profit taking by team members, or any other parties involved in the project. There will be a 6-month cliff for the team, then 5-years of vesting (unlocking token by 5% quarterly, over a 5-year period).
The marketing allocation will allow us to develop a network of Beesers as soon as possible thanks to the different communication channels we have access to (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc). This medium will enable GLOBEES to partner with bigger projects in order to grow our visibility in the Elrond ecosystem, while creating reciprocal partnerships between these projects and GLOBEES.
Thus, this economically robust model will be the starting point for our future goals. As we have a growing portfolio of properties, we will be able to adapt our business model to future situations.
Token supply and distribution
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