Investor Seed Sale

Rounds 1,2 and 3 details TBA (temporary)
For the Globees Seed Sale / Private Sale, there will be 3 exclusive rounds that will account for 20% of the available $BEE tokens from the total token supply. 20% of 625,000,000 = 125,000,000 $BEE tokens.
The 3 Seed Sale rounds will allow for a maximum of 150 individuals, entities or syndicates per round, totalling 450 investors across all 3 of the Private Sale phases. The reasoning behind this, is to comply with French regulatory compliance. Compliance and its strict adherence will allow the project to easily list on multiple CEXs in the future, as all regulatory prerequisites will have been met in the early stages of the project.
In order to gain access to the Seed Sale it is a mandatory requirement that either KYC/KYB is undertaken with our strategic partner Synaps. At this moment in time. The Seed Sale is now complete, running for a period of 30-days from 1st - 30th of September.
The results of the Seed Sale and Private Sales 1&2 will be made available to the community following the close of all 3 private phases. This is another prerequisite of French Corporation law.
Private Sale - Rounds 1&2 details:
Details and pack sizes will be released closer to the time of the remaining 2 Private Sale rounds. Please wait for the relevant details from our socials or official Telegram groups.
Token vesting and unlock period details
From the total token supply of 625,000,000 the seed sale will comprise of 20%, or 125,000,000 $BEE tokens. The Team Wallet will hold 12% of the total supply or 75,000,000 $BEE. Finally, the Public Sale Launchpad will account for 5% of the total token supply and will represent 31,250,000 $BEE tokens.
Some of the tokens above will be vested and will unlock over an extended period of time, ranging from 2-5 years. We will have a look at this now for both the $BEE tokens purchased during the Seed Sale and also the team’s token allocation.
· Seed Sale / Private Sales 1&2 - will represent a maximum of 20% of the total token supply, with a cliff plan of 6-months and 2-years of vesting (12.5% unlocked quarterly)
· Team tokens - There will be a 6-month cliff for the team, followed by 5-years of vesting (unlocking of tokens by 5% quarterly, during a 5-year period).
· Public Sale – The Public Sale, through a launchpad service, will not have any vesting period attached to it. Long and short term investors will not have any restrictions on their $BEE tokens.